IMAWA 95 Membership Rate

IMAWA 95% Membership Rate

What is encouraging for any association is a great membership rate to their services.  For the IMAWA, Illinois Movers’ & Warehousemen’s Association, their 95% membership of movers in the state is proof of a successful group looking after the moving businesses and consumers in Illinois.

The high quality in the service they expect of the association member businesses is extremely high, subsequently they experience a low rate of complaints because the service to the consumer is to a high standard.  The remaining 5% of businesses in the state that are not part of association do not meet the required standard or not full-time.

It is important to understand the process that a moving business needs to undertake in order to apply for a permit or license to trade. It takes time; the first license is a temporary license that lasts for just one year, providing evidence that they meet the criteria and pass the audit.

The work the IMAWA does to support the businesses in the moving industry is important.  They even hold details of businesses that have open spaces in case a query comes into the office looking for a reputable business. If there is more than one company available, a rotating schedule gives all companies access to potential new business opportunities.

The IMAWA has been successfully helping the moving businesses in Illinois since 1906.  They have helped through the tough times when the economy has faltered, and they have come back through the other side creating stronger businesses and tighter controls.

Improving legislation to change rules and procedures to protect and educate the consumers, who have in the past been targeted by thieves and unlicensed businesses, is one of their main goals. Information is an important tool to the IMAWA as they try to educate the consumer and the member businesses.

The success of the IMAWA results from putting members and consumers first to improve the moving industry in Illinois.