The FMCSA Makes Policy Changes

The FMCSA Makes Policy Changes

The announcement from the FMCSA in regards to a policy change is welcomed news for moving businesses. Previously, any violation went directly to the FMCSA records direct from the enforcement agencies.

The FMCSA holds a database, the Motor Carrier Management Information System, which records all details of any violation.  Until now, it could be inaccurate if it went through the courts and was found not guilty.

What is important is any information regarding the person or the business can now have amendments to signify the actual outcome or have the details completely removed from the database.

This is a positive step in the right direction ensuring the information held is accurate. Misrepresentation comes when inaccurate information is the only source available.  Actual outcomes of the violation must show on the records and not just the original information of the violation.

Information on a reduction in the charge will also be available on the system.

This policy change comes after members gave feedback as to the current data, with over a 100 comments from individuals. All wanted to see a change in how the data needed to reflect the true outcomes as per the court’s decision and not just the original violation, as obviously outcomes and convictions change.

The FMCSA also noted that the AMSA had voiced their approval for the recommended change in how the FMCSA Motor Carrier Management Information System held outdated data of members and that this should have the actual outcome of the violation.

This is welcomed news for the moving businesses across America.  It means if a violation is challenged in court and the violation is dropped, the record is removed from the database. It will mean less stress for the businesses because outdated information will no longer appear.  If the violation is accurate this will still be clearly visible along with the information about the fine or conviction.