Is Your Moving Software Up To The Job?

Is Your Moving Software Up To The Job?

As a moving company it is difficult to keep track of the different departments and their responsibility when it comes to continuity with a client. This is why it is imperative that your moving software is capable of the job.

Connecting the departments so that the client and all their information moves to the relevant department is important if you are looking to secure future contracts.

Not only do you need to consider the software that you use in the offices, but also you must ensure that your sales team is able to input the data for a quote and have the technology for an instant quote. This saves time and prevents potential customers going to other businesses that take technology seriously and are able to deliver in the modern world.

Ensure that your sales team has the moving software that will not allow customer quotes to go unchecked.  This will allow them  to see if there are any other questions they might need answering.

While it is important that you teach staff to answer the phone, there is nothing more annoying than calling a business and not having that call answered in a relatively quick time. However, it is important that staff know how to deal with customers.  Getting the ‘I will take a message and pass it on to the relevant department’ is fine if the message gets there. Having a system that logs calls and required action can prevent frustration and losing a customer because of a forgotten call.

A moving company is a fast-paced business with a relatively quick turnaround, and it is important that during a customer’s stressful move you make it as smooth as possible.

Therefore, having the technology that is capable of maintaining a customer’s details, providing accurate quotes, and being user friendly is key to any moving company.