Ensuring Truck and Driver Safety

Ensuring Truck and Driver Safety

It is important that the vehicles on the highways across America and those people driving, are doing so safely. The CVSA, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance are there to stop vehicles on a daily basis and ensure they are safe to drive and the drivers are complying with all legal requirements.

Once a year a three-day campaign highlights this message, which is getting through to drivers and their vehicles to be as safe as possible on the highways. What is fantastic news is some of the statistics obtained during this year’s campaign have fallen in comparison to previous years. This puts the Out of Service or OOS rate to 18.7 % down from the previous year at 20.6 percent.

It is amazing the amount of vehicles checked during this three-day window.  It reached an amazing 73,475 trucks and buses across the United States, Canada and Mexico.  The amount of inspectors performing these checks was more than 10,000 in those three days alone.

It is important to realize the need to do spot checks. It is to ensure that any legal requirements which the truck drivers should be complying with are complete and are being followed.

This essential process keeps the highways safe for all the other vehicles that use them. It is a way to make businesses aware of what their vehicles are doing and making them responsible for any problems that occur. It does put pressure on businesses like moving companies, who rely on truck movements to transport customer’s goods. However, ensuring their trucks are road worthy and the drivers are qualified means a heightened safety awareness. Proof is in the statistics recorded after such events like the annual road safety campaign.

Therefore, any measures that help promote the safety of vehicles on the highways are an important measure performed by the CVSA.