California Sees New Employment and Vehicle Regulations

California Sees New Employment and Vehicle Regulations

It is important for businesses to know and understand the legal requirements that they must adhere to, but this can be difficult when regulations change with the introduction of new laws. If you are a moving business in California, then you should be aware of the changes which could affect you and how you run your business.

Some changes that are coming into force in the New Year which revolve around those temporary contracts, used especially when using temp agencies to find the staff you require.

The changes mean that the same legal liabilities that a company faces when hiring normal staff will apply to agency temp workers.  They will have the same legal liabilities as those on permanent contracts, in relation to wages and compensation.

This could cause problems for business owners and they might be more reluctant to hire temporary workers from agencies in the future.

In July 2015, these changes will mean higher business costs, including the need for businesses to pay sick leave if their employees have worked for more than 30 days in any calendar year.

Additionally, there have been changes to the truck and bus regulations in California.  The number of citations drivers and the businesses get failing to meet certain standards is shocking. In 2013 alone, the amount of penalties was a staggering $886,900; this is not good news when the idea is to improve standards.

The only good news for the moving businesses in California is the amendment, EH, or the Economic Hardship. This allows businesses to defer the requirement for adding the particular matter filter needed on all heavier vehicles until 2017.

If you are a moving business owner in California, it will be important that you are fully aware of the changes in the regulations that govern your business area and make sure that you are in full compliance.