New Products from AMSA Benefit Movers

New Products from AMSA Benefit Movers

AMSA has listened to those people they serve and have brought out two new products which will help the moving companies across America. It is important that there are options for businesses that will help to make the industry that much easier for employees and the employers.  With that in mind, AMSA listened to what companies are looking for and what they are able to provide.

The first new product release is a change in the availability of the Certified Packer and Loader training material.  Currently this has only been available in English, a Spanish translation is available and this opens it up to more people training to a higher standard.  This course has been very popular with many companies, who have seen a reduction in the claims from customers after participating on this course. It is not free but you can purchase a program, and then send staff for testing and certification.

The next exciting product launch from the AMSA is a new letter writing manual. This is the second after the release of the Claims Letter Writing Manual. This new manual is the Customer Service Letter Writing Manual. With the second publication containing another 40 sample letters, which is a valuable as it can form a standard in letter writing in your business.

The AMSA is a fantastic body that goes out of its way to ensure that they are helping their members improve their standards.  By ensuring they have the latest and the best products, it can make a difference in running a moving company.

Therefore, if you have ever doubted the worth of being a member of the AMSA, it is truly worth the time and the money. It means that you have access to the material, which they produce as soon as it becomes available and sometimes it is cheaper when you are a member.