Ensure Your Business Follows FMCSA Documentation Rules

Ensure Your Business Follows FMCSA Documentation Rules

It is important if you are a moving company that you avoid any fines because you have failed to provide the right documentation with the right format and wording. If you get any of this wrong, you face a violation from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

AMSA gives this information out to moving businesses, which clearly indicates the information that you must display on certain paperwork.  If the information is not displayed, it will result in a violation and possibly a fine.

The language that you must use is a requirement set out by the STB, Surface Transportation Board. One of the documents that you must comply with is the shipping documentation.  It must not contain any wording that is limiting to loss of damage during the shipment of the goods.

It is important that you follow the wording and formatting on your documentation as a way to avoid violations. This is easy to understand and it can save your businesses facing a violation; it doesn’t cost anything for the right wording to be included but it will cost your business if you get this wrong.

It is also key that you provide the consumer protection information with your estimate.  You must include a copy of the FMCSA Ready To Move, a copy of the FMSA Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move, a summary of your arbitration, and a written notice of availability of your tariff, as well as your complaints procedures.

If you fail to include all this information then you will be in violation, and the Federal Carrier Safety Administration will cite your moving business for this missing information.

Therefore, if you are looking to avoid citations in your moving business it is important to listen to the information that AMSA gives for the right information you should be including. Staying on the right side of the rules is easy when you follow the guidelines you are given.