Keeping Moving Paperwork Compliant

Keeping Moving Paperwork Compliant

It is important in the moving business that you comply with all the rules and regulations for paperwork that you must produce and keep documentation of it. If you fail to provide the right information, you are opening up your business to non-compliance and the possibility of a citation.

You should remember to include certain key points in your documentation.  For example in the bill of lading, which must contain 14 different key points. If this information is missing, you can be issued a citation for violating the regulations.

This is similar for the order for service form.  There are 15 key points that you must have on this documentation for it to be correct, to avoid any citations.

While this might seem complicated, this important explaining what you need is often provided for free.  AMSA will provide the information.  They are very good at instructing moving businesses on what items you should include in your documentation.

AMSA also provides access to a network of attorneys that can help you if you happen to miss some of the information, which you are required to provide. This works out as a cheaper option than if you pursue the cases by yourself.  Cases can often take years to sort out, which affects your potential business as a result and is another reason to stay in compliance.

It is important as a moving business that you consider all the options available to you as a member of AMSA.  They offer some fantastic information, which will help you avoid any form of non-compliance when it comes to the completion of paperwork.

Therefore, if you are looking to avoid the possibility of a citation for missing information on your moving paperwork, then it is important that you look at the information offered from the AMSA to make sure that you are in full compliance.