IAM Conference News And Development

IAM Conference News And Development

The IAM is looking to improve the services they develop for the improvement of the moving companies across America. The latest annual meeting was deemed a great success.   The movers and their employees all benefited from the information available and the experience and expertise that the IAM provides their members.  The booths also highlighted a number of businesses, who were all looking to improve their communication with such a wide business range.

One important IAM creation is the charity Here2Help, H2H.  This charity is looking for ways in which they can help people around the world whenever a natural disaster strikes or a global crisis occurs.

The IAM Mentor Match is a free program to existing members as a way to give advice or to learn from other people in the moving businesses across the country. This is perfect for those individuals who are looking to help others to develop themselves and their potential in this rewarding career.

The RPP, Receivable Protection Program, is being extended over the next year and this is positive news for moving businesses. This includes protection and a dispute service for unpaid receivables on government shipments. This extension will allow the service, which the IAM offers to increase, giving member’s better value for their money long-term.

There is also the news of a regional relation for Asia.  If this move pays off, it opens the doors for the ability to provide other regional offices of the IAM around the world.  This is a fantastic opportunity to allow the IAM to offer a global service and improving the moving businesses worldwide.

Therefore, if you are undecided as to the benefits of the IAM, you will not be disappointed with the facilities and benefits of being a member can be.  Being a part of such an important organization is just part of a successful moving business.