Encouraging Young Professionals in Moving

Encouraging Young Professionals in Moving

The IAM is proud of the work that happens to introduce young people into the moving companies across America.  Young professionals are after all, going to be the future for all these companies. What is important is giving these young people the support and encouragement they need to develop and grow, by meeting new people and discovering the exciting career they are embarking upon.

With this in mind, the IAM decided to introduce and encourage those younger individuals by having a section all to themselves, which they can use and learn and experience together.

In the recent IAM Annual meeting, it was a pleasant announcement stating 200 IAM-YP (Young Professionals) attended the meeting. They are the future voice of the moving industry and teaching them how to move forward is just part of some of the exciting programs the IAM have for the young people.

It is encouraging to see moving professional working together through the IAM’s Mentor Match program, which allows experts to give their expertise and understanding of the industry to the younger generation.  This helps and supports those just starting out.

The IAM-YP held their team building part of the annual meeting at the Orlando Kart Center. This is an exciting way to connect those young movers of the future. The CMI, California Multimodal LLC, sponsored this event. It was a great event and an opportunity for young professionals from the different areas of business to connect and form bonds.  It was a positive experience for the young members of the IAM.

The current chairperson of the IAM-YP is Brian Goldstein, and he has led this group over the last two years.  There is hope that in the future this will be changes and a restructuring of the IAM-YP board to bring it into line with the IAM Executive Committee.

Therefore, if you do have young staff members in your moving business, it can help to develop their careers if you help to introduce them to the potential of the IAM-YP.