Changes In Truck Driver Regulations

Changes In Truck Driver Regulations

FMCSA regulations regarding ELDs and other potential changes that could affect your moving business, could be coming this year.  You will need to be aware to ensure your comply.

There is much talk about the issues raised in regards to the use of ELDs, or Electronic Logging Devices, and the potential for some drivers to feel they are harassed. However, a recent report shows that the majority of drivers using the system do not feel this harassment.

These findings are important. It proves that whatever method you are currently using for your drivers, they are not likely to be harassed if you have opted for the ELD. However, there is news on the mandate, which will be put in place to ensure that all vehicles are using the ELD system.  The requirement is expected to start in September, with allowances for businesses up to two years in order for them to get the equipment needed to ensure they comply with all the regulations.

The FMCSA is also considering a few other amendments which business owners will need to ensure that they are all in compliance with.  From April, there is a new rule regarding the fitness determination, and in October there is expected to be a ruling regarding the drug and alcohol clearinghouse. Another amendment which businesses will need to be aware of and ensure they understand is the potential change to heavy-duty speed limits, which is expected to take place as early as March.

It is important as a business owner who deals with truck movements on a daily basis that you are fully aware of any situation in line with government policies.  These regulations could require you to change some of your practices and/or equipment. It is therefore imperative that while you continue to move forward in your business, you consider the costs involved for any of the proposed changes and ensure that you include this information on your budgeting forecast.  This will protect you from being left in a bad situation without the funds to perform any upgrade required.