The Benefits of Word Of Mouth Recommendations

The Benefits of Word Of Mouth Recommendations

If you are looking to implement a system that will improve your booked sales, then you need to consider word of mouth as a form of marketing. It is getting those personal recommendations from past customers that can make all the difference to your future potential customers.  For a local service, like moving, it is especially important.

It is surprising the amount of people that prefer a personal recommendation for a business than doing their own research. By tapping into this free reserve, you and your business can benefit greatly.

Encouraging customers to write reviews of your services is important. Not only does this help potential new customers make a choice, but it can also have a positive impact on improving your current moving service.  It is a great way for customers to highlight any possible means of improvement.

Sharing these reviews online is a great way to refresh your online presence with updates to your site.  This is perfect for your search engine optimization, it will reflect positively that you are moving forward with fresh new content on a regular basis.

Potential customers like to read other people’s experiences, and it is a great way to push the services you offer. The potential to convert customers from leads to booked moves can be made higher thanks to sharing great customer reviews.   It doesn’t hurt to share the poorer ones too, along with the solution to the customer too.  This shows you can make things right and shows you have a realistic record.

Being in a global market, you will be surprised that word of mouth recommendations could have such an impact on global businesses too.  Social media reaches the entire world and it has the potential to reach so much further than the traditional forms of word of mouth recommendations.

It is vital, for you and your moving business to have in place systems that allow customers to give feedback for your services and to share these on your website as well as on social media.