Philadelphia Labor Law Changes

Philadelphia Labor Law Changes

Understanding all of  the rules and regulations of running a business is never easy as they change from state to state.  Now in Philadelphia, the government is preparing to change some of the labor regulations and this could cause some business issues with regard to employment.

Moving businesses across America have relied on the H-2B program to fill positions in the more busy months of the year. This is set to change with the new proposals, which are being passed in Philadelphia.

It is going to be more difficult for business owners to employ people during the busy summer months. Before it was the case of getting these employers to fill out employer-provided wage surveys, but it is now noted that these actually violate the Administrative Procedure Act and this practice needs to halt before the possibility of a company being fined.

This is because of the prevailing wage determinations and the problems they can cause with the time scale it takes to get this information. The guidance suggests that you use the employer-provided surveys together with the Occupational Employment Statistics as a way to find the requested occupation.

It is important that all business owners who have used the H-2B program in the past to know the regulations.  The H-2B program helps to manage and pay staff on the short-term basis, which is often needed during the summer months.  You must know the difference of the new regulations and work this into the current systems.

If you are in the moving business and you are looking for short-term staff to cover the busy periods, then it is important that you understand any new regulations in relation to the payment options that you should now be using.  You may run into problems initially, but it will improve the systems and protection for the employees overall in the long-run.