Current Relocation And Migration Of American Families

Current Relocation And Migration Of American Families

Knowing the trends of movement, especially moving to a new home, allows businesses together with the different elements to identify areas of business growth and development. If you are able to monitor the different movements in and out of states and follow up with understanding the reasons for movement and migration of American families, it can help to predict future trends.

Atlas Van Lines tracks the movement of their customers during the year and this data is then analyzed to see if there is a change in the pattern of movement or if areas are the same as previous years.

The data goes back to 1993 and this gives some important information as to the amount of people who move in and out of state for various reasons. What this information gives is a clear picture of the movement of people. It can highlight if a state has a balance, the same in-flux and out-flux of people. If there is a high number of people leaving, this can imply that the job prospects in this state are low and people are migrating to different states.  States with higher levels of job security and jobs can attract people away from the poor performing states.

The Atlas study doesn’t make a direct connection between these factors, but it does show the number of actual inter-state moves over the course of the year and what is interesting is the reduction of movement in 2014 compared to the previous year. This can indicate that there is going to be a downward spiral of interstate moves, and this will have some companies concerned for the growth and the potential loss of business in the coming years.

This information is vital in tracking and helping with predicting the potential of the markets to help decide on expansions of businesses or looking for alternative means of growth in this market.