It Is Not Really Cheaper To Move Yourself

It Is Not Really Cheaper To Move Yourself

In a tight economic climate, using the cheaper option is the one that many people pick.  The problem is though you get what you pay for and that might not end up as cheap as you thought. This applies to the moving industry where many people think that moving themselves is the easy and cheapest option. Convincing potential customers that they are putting more at risk than they realize, is just part of the sales team’s area of expertise.

Providing a quote, which your team must provide, is just part of the sales pitch.  The other part is to demonstrate the importance of hiring the right team, which could in theory save your customer money.

Renting a van and getting some friends to help can do the job, but the cost of the van, the fuel, feeding your friends, and providing them with beer soon adds up in cost. Are you confident in driving a large vehicle? It is not easy to navigate an unfamiliar vehicle especially if you are stressed.  This can lead to an increase in the possibility of having an accident, delaying you and your furniture from getting to your new home. If you add on to that the potential for one of your friends to hurt themselves while moving your home, it might not cost more money, but it might cost your friendship.

There are the insurance costs too.  Many insurances won’t cover the cost of moving if you are doing it yourself.  Can you afford to replace items if they are broken or damaged by you or your friends?

One area that you must consider is theft.  Do you really know everyone who is helping or are they a friend of a friend? Theft is a high concern on anyone’s list and it is not uncommon.  It could be a family heirloom or just some cash, but after a move, you might not notice it missing for a few weeks, and then it is often too late.

Therefore, by pointing out key areas of the risks involved in a self-move, it is possible as a moving sales pro to convert these to happy customers.