The Difference Between a Professional Mover and an Amateur

Difference between a Professional Mover and an Amatuer.

Contrary to popular belief, moving furniture is actually an art form and a skill set. A professional mover has many qualifying factors, but first lets point out what it means to be an amateur mover.

An amateur mover is someone who is unwilling to learn. In a lot of moving companies, you will have the men who have worked there for 5, 10+ years and think that they know everything. This means that they have yet to step out of the shell of amateur. You can never know everything about the moving field, as it constantly shifts and changes.

An amateur mover does not listen to direction, or speak well to the customer. A mindset mistake that amateurs make is thinking that they will not be the main focus of customer attention. In actuality, if you do not carry yourself as a professional, you will be seen as inexperienced. This can make the customer never, and attract unwanted attention to the “new guy”.

Everyone on the move is required to speak to the customer at one point or another. Though most of the dialogue exchanged between customers and movers is between the crew foreman and client, do not make the mistake of thinking that they will not ask you technical questions. An amateur should never announce that they are inexperienced, because all eyes will be on that person.

A professional mover carries themselves with pride. They may not know the answer to every question, but will work hard, and diligently to assure the success of a move. A professional knows that there is always more to learn and will stop at nothing to get a job done correctly and efficiently, with in the means they have been provided.