How to Tip a Mover – Tipped for a Job Well Done

Tipped for a Job Well Done

A lot of trust is required from the customer when using a moving company’s service. The customer must know that their possessions are in safe hands. For the professional movers, there are certain steps that can be taken to provide the needs for a job to go well, and in turn may give you a higher probability to earn a tip.

First off, never expect a tip. With the day and age that we live in now, expecting cash, credit or check from someone can be the equivalent of an arm or leg. Moving is an expensive and often times very stressful process, most customers do not know to tip, wont tip, or are too scatter brained to remember.

If a mover does a poor job of packing the customer’s belongings, has a bad attitude, treats possessions with disrespect or drags his feet, the customer will pick up on it and can hurt the probability of a tip and a referral. Most of the time customers are more worried about the job getting done that they overlook that their movers are a professional service provider. This is due to the fact that you are literally moving their possessions that they have accumulated over their life span.

Depending on the customer, tips are distributed in different ways. A cold bottle of water or lunch for the men can be their means of incentive for you. Others will talk you up by telling you they will refer you to their friends, family and co-workers. Many will buy you breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. The customer’s age and mindset will affect your outcome of incentive of a job well done.

A very big form of controversy on a job is when a customer distributes a certain amount of money to certain people. Most customers will recognize if there is a three man crew, and two of them are hard workers and the other seems to drag their feet. This can cause animosity if one or more people get more money than the rest. It is up to the customer, and how a job is done, to determine what form of incentive you will get no matter how much, or how little.

For management, a tip can be a very crucial part in a movers salary, but making sure that a tip is in the back of the movers mind is essential to their job performance. This will avoid the “hope is lost so I don’t care” phase. Keep in mind that sometimes a job can go flawlessly, you can have a model customer, but they offer you no water, food or a tip. Tips depend solely on customers, so having a “no tip” mind, is the best route for you to go.