The Most Essential Questions to ask when Choosing a Local Moving Company

Essential Questions for Choosing a Moving Company

Moving is with out a question, one of the most stressful times of a persons life. Through all of the chaos, many people forget on exactly what to ask a moving company for. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to get the quality service you need.

Does the perspective company work for the mover, or the broker?

A broker plays an essential role in helping the customer match up to the perfect moving company. However, be aware that a broker can not give you concrete estimates and that they aren’t responsible if anything is lost, stolen or damaged.

Does the company give concrete and binding quotes?

Over a phone call, the mover or broker may give you a quote that is subject to change. A mover may give you a binding, or a “not to go over” the quote limit upon reviewing the inventory. Brokers almost never give binding quotes.

Does the quote have extra charges attached to it?

Let the company know any types of special circumstances, such as long flights and carries, appliance needs (washer/dryer hookup), parking fees(city streets), fuel fees(extra stops), awkward pieces and so fourth. If you own a large statue, let the company know up front. If the company doesn’t have the equipment to move it, then you could be stuck out of luck.

How can I pay and what are the terms?

Never hire movers that take cash only, be sure that you are crystal clear on your amount owed on delivery, or any other type of payment. Ask and see if the move is refundable. Almost all of the Moving Companies that have a merchant account will be able to accept your credit cards, if that is your option.

What are my insurance options?

The average rate of basic coverage is 60 cents per lb. Keep in mind that the moving company you choose may offer an upgrade of insurance. It is also an option to work with a third part insurance agent to provide extra coverage for your relocation.