Save the Environment! Go Green on your Move

Save the Environment! Go Green on your Move

At some point in time or another, everyone eventually moves and some people handle it with great attention and preparation. However, most people are not aware of the environment when moving. For those who feel that it is important to move in an eco-friendly manner, consider these tips and abide by them as much as possible.

Where should I start?

A lot of the preliminary steps people take to prepare for their move are making a schedule, writing things down and organizing. This is typically done in notebooks, or sheets of paper. Instead of using paper, use technology for documenting your move. There are plenty of in-store applications on app stores and market places that offer moving applications to help with this process.

When searching for a moving company, try to find one that supports electronic communication. This means that instead of using letters, the moving company will communicate through email or telephone calls. If you have requested an estimate, that too should be send to you electronically before move day.

To take eco-friendly a step further, try reusing boxes or supplies. You can look for bio degradable materials like plastic bags by asking around or reusing your grocery bags. Whatever is left at the end of the move that you do not want, try giving it away to charity or to friends/family. Places like Goodwill may allow you to swap, or donate; this will keep a consistent trend going for your move and allow you to protect the earth even when moving.

Environmental Friendly Packing

When packing up your possessions, try using recycled packing materials, like newspaper, recycled cardboard boxes or packing paper. After your move, give the recycled materials to someone who may need them, this way you aren’t throwing it out at the end of the day.

Always try to pack as little as you can. Every moving company or expert that is environmentally friendly will give you this advice. This means that you will have less to move and less to pack. This can include books, computers, clothes, kids toys, and so fourth. These things can go to your friends or family.

Eco-Friendly Moving Boxes

Did you know that you can rent plastic boxes? Not only are they stronger and more eco-friendly, but some places may let you return them with a buy back program at a fraction of what you bought them for. This way you save money from simply buying boxes. Plastic boxes are easy to stack because of their different size options and make loading and unloading easier.

Eco-friendly plastic boxes are also water resistant which means your possessions will be even safer during the transport. Plastic boxes do not hold dust and are not crushed as easily as cardboard boxes, and can be used a hundred times over if need be.

Being eco-friendly has been mainstreamed and proven to be cost efficient, great for the environment and easier. Take these eco-friendly ways to heart and apply them to your move and you will be apart of the eco-friendly phenomenon.