4 safety tips for lifting heavy objects

4 safety tips for lifting heavy objects

Safety measures need to be taken in order to not injury yourself during a move. Physical injuries from lifting can last a lifetime, so precautionary methods must be taken to insure your safety. If you calculate all the doctor bills, prescription medications and physical therapy, you will see that simply reading this article will cost you much less in the long run. Follow these four safety tips:

1. Use a Dolly

Dollies can be more time consuming on a move, but they will save your back. If you don’t own a dolly, or the company you work for does not use them, try investing in one. Again, by far, it will cost you much less in medical bills in the future. If you are renting a truck from a truck rental, ask them if they too have a dolly you can rent. Some companies even make it free to paying customers. More than likely at least one person in your family, or a friend, owns a dolly that you can borrow. If the company that you work for does not have dollies readily available, then demand one. There shouldn’t be a moving company out there that does not have a dolly. Dollies are simple to use and won’t cause strain on your muscles or others muscles. Using a dolly is a no brainer.

2. Get some Help

Even if you have a dolly, you’re going to need a few extra sets of hands to help you lift those awkward or heavy items. Make sure that you ask your friends or family for help well in advance, this way they have enough time to schedule a day to give you a hand. If you are a professional mover, make sure that the helping hands you have on a crew are either experienced or willing. Moving with inexperienced workers who do not listen to direction, can result in either injury to them or to you, so make sure you have some good help.

3. Utilize Straps

Using moving straps can help you lift or slide heavy furniture or appliances. There are several different types of straps such as hump straps, mattress straps, forearm forklift straps, e-track straps, hook straps and so fourth. These types of straps are used from anything to securing your load to lifting. You can purchase these straps from moving supply stores or rent them from the moving truck rental company.

4. Use moving gloves

Never underestimate how useful a pair of moving gloves can be on moving day. Furniture can have sharp edges, random splints and smooth edges. Moving gloves typically have a type of rubber that allows you to grip onto furniture easier and will protect your hands from splinters and sharp objects.

Don’t ignore any of these safety tips, because above all your health and well being should come before the move.