Simple and Effect Lead Marketing

Simple and Effect Lead Marketing

The website is a useful place to go for the secrets of successful internet marketing. The site contains articles that have step by step instructions and examples. One of the most powerful and effective of the articles is titled “Marketing Funnels: Impressions vs. Conversions“.

The article itself covers the idea of a sales funnel by steps, starting with covering impressions, calls to action, leads and conversion.  The website specifically does a great job with outlining and describing how it works. There are several questions as a moving company owner or operator that you would like to be answered, such as:

When should you spend money on marketing where is it going, on impressions or leads?

Are you paying for raw unfiltered impression such as radio or TV, or targeted leads such as the internet?

How targeted or filtered are the impressions I am paying for?

What calls to action will resonate and generate leads from that audience?

(and) Ultimately what are the best and worst conversion rates realistically?

Simple and Effective Lead Marketing is presented by and MovePoint Moving Software. helps people find a licensed mover, Storage Company, moving company, transportation, tools, etc… can generate leads for you.

MovePoint Moving Software’s innovative Lead Manager module is a good supplement into existing quoting and business systems. Lead Manager will manage internet leads and contact the customer on your behalf with automated emails. MovePoint will let you try follow-ups, expiring leads, and provide reports that track how well the leads are converting.

We’ve talked to some of our avid readers who utilize MovePoint Lead Manager, they say it gives them a competitive edge to their business. Knowing exactly what leads can do for your company, how your marketing reaches customers and how your sales convert are just some of the things that covers.