Storage & Social media: it’s not a fools game

Storage and Social media: It’s not a fools game

The moving industry has a mutual relationship to the storage industry. Whenever someone is planning on storing items, they may opt to hire a moving company to help them. This is the same case whenever someone hires a moving company; they may choose to store a few of their things in a storage unit. As the storage industry is starting to use social media to market their facilities, the moving industry is doing the same. Here are a few things that the storage industry is doing that the moving industry may be able to employ in their social media strategy.

One of the benefits of social media is the ability to listen to what your customers are saying not only about your company, but the moving industry in general. Have they had a bad experience with a competitor? Use that knowledge to prevent it from happening to you. How can you get the leg up on your competitors? Social media has helped the customer to be more vocal, giving them a mouthpiece to express concerns, complaints, and suggestions. Check out your Yelp page, if you have one, and see what your customers are saying about you. Also, create a conversation with your customer. Is there a complaint on Yelp? Address that complaint directly with the customer to resolve any issues. Thank your customers that give you praise.

Don’t be afraid to stray away from strictly business. Ask your customers how they are doing through your Facebook and Twitter. Talk about sports and the like. Start contests through social media to drive conversations and referrals. Conversation is key when you use social media marketing.

Although addressing customer complaints is important, try not to flood your Twitter or Facebook feed with apologies. Upon looking at your profile, a page full of apologies is the last thing you want prospective customers to see. It’s important to address it, but make sure you create different avenues in addressing complaints made explicit through your website and customer service team.

Through this, you can start developing your brand digitally. It is one thing to be “that moving company,” but it’s another to be “that really fun and cool moving company that I would recommend to everyone.” Create your online identity to drive more sales and customers to use your service. Provide great service and create great relationships to your customers in real life and digitally.

Although social media is a free way to market your company, you might have to spend a bit of time to maintain your profiles. Make sure you continue using them constantly. Nothing is sadder than an abandoned Twitter or Facebook page.

Joseph Ver is part of the SpareFoot marketing team. SpareFoot storage finder helps customers sort through storage units by price and location.