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Moving Tariffs Demystified

What is a Moving Tariff? Moving Tariffs are simply documents that outlines how a company prices it’s jobs. They must be filed with your state’s Department of Transportation and are publicly viewable and used in disputes. It outlines what your liabilities are, how you rate your jobs, etc. Tariffs were put into place to protect […]

Seasonality of the Moving Industry

It may seem like common sense that the majority of the money made per year by a moving company is made in the summer. To a startup this critical fact is not as apparent until after their growth spurt. It’s important to plan your time and finances in such as way to accommodate this fact. […]

Hourly Price vs. Flat Rate Price

Hourly pricing is one of the oldest and most common methods of pricing a move. It’s simple and clear cut to the business owner. I pay my 2 movers $10 per hour each and charge $85 per hour. That easily covers the cost and profits. However an alternative method that is gaining ground in the […]

Surviving the Winter

Winter months are the slow period for moving businesses. There are a number of factors that cause the winter months to slow down. Here are some of them. Reasons for winter slow down. Weather – for many state the snow and ice makes it less attractive to move. Holidays – even in nice California weather, […]

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