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Mover Incentive Programs

Mover Incentive Programs Mover incentive programs are a difficult to make work. Putting one in place can benefit your company or hurt it. First consider what behaviors you want to reward such as Employee’s Longevity, or Number of Moves Completed Perfect attendance Customer Care and Positive reviews Damage free moving Rewarding your movers through recognition, […]

Sub Contracting Moving Services

Sub Contracting Moving Services Sub contracting moving services has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the strongest disadvantages is that many contractors have their own very strong opinions and way of working. This can cause problems if you want a job done in a specific manner. Because the contractor works for themselves, in a free […]

Atlas Van Lines Study of Inbounds and Outbounds

Atlas Van Lines Study of Inbounds and Outbounds One of North America’s leading moving companies, Atlas Van Lines, continues to climb the rank as the number of 2011 YTD moves continued to grow. A trend and pattern study , formulated by Atlas in 1993 to track interstate moving, found that South Western and Mid-Atlantic states […]

The Difference Between a Professional Mover and an Amateur

Difference between a Professional Mover and an Amatuer. Contrary to popular belief, moving furniture is actually an art form and a skill set. A professional mover has many qualifying factors, but first lets point out what it means to be an amateur mover. An amateur mover is someone who is unwilling to learn. In a lot of […]

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