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Quick Tip: Save on Seat Time Hire Lumpers

When doing a long distance move it’s more efficient to send just your driver and hire help at your destination from another moving company to unload the truck. This will save you from paying the seat time or overnight fees that accompany your own worker. To do this contact a reputable moving company in the […]

The Best Moving Software for Independent Movers

Here at Moving Business Network we took it upon ourselves to find out what is the best software for independent movers. This is a question that has been frequently asked of us by our readers. When you survey the software market you will find that a large majority of moving software is geared towards the […]

Quick Tip: Notifying Movers of their Work Schedule

The key to effective notification is to post the arrival times in one location and require your movers to check that location every night. Trying to notify each person individually is a time waster once your company grows. There are a few ways to go about this. Voicemail — The simplest ways to handle this […]

Quick Tip: Hire someone to refuel your trucks

For local moving companies it’s easy to hand out corporate gas cards and tell the guys to refuel the trucks in the morning before their jobs. However we have found better success hiring someone to handle refueling the trucks every night for the next day. Roles of the Refueler Note the current odometer reading for […]

Surviving the Winter

Winter months are the slow period for moving businesses. There are a number of factors that cause the winter months to slow down. Here are some of them. Reasons for winter slow down. Weather – for many state the snow and ice makes it less attractive to move. Holidays – even in nice California weather, […]

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