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AMSA Conference on the Issue of Safety

AMSA Conference on the Issue of Safety

This conference was hailed a success, there were presentations from a number of different organizations including the FMCSA, the California Moving & Storage Association and American Transportation Research Institute. This three day event was well attended by those in the moving industry, who were keen to learn of new developments, in a variety of different topics. These topics included the most up to date technology devices available in the removal business.


Business Benefits of Frequent Travel

New light is being shed on the benefits of frequent travel for those in the business world, particularly those of a younger generation. Here we will dive into the matter of how frequent travel can have some astounding (and beneficial) effects on managers, as well as employees.

Motivate your lazy workers

Do you ever feel like it would take you far less time to complete a task than if you were to give it to someone else? Whether they are doing contracting work, are full-time employees, uninspired or just simply lazy, bad workers are the down-fall of every small moving company. But there are ways to get a fire under their britches, and get them motivated to achieve your company’s goals.

25 tips to have fun at your moving company

Whether you are an owner, manager, mover, HR, accounting, assistant, everyone needs to take a minute…or 10 a day to just have a little bit of fun. Break that manotany and have a bit of fun, movingbusiness.nets orders.

4 steps to bettering your moving companies brainstorming

Most business executives or owners think that if they gather their A-Team and all sit down at a table, that problem solving and brainstorming will flow naturally. There is a huge flaw in this idea, because for the most part other members of your team will influence each other’s suggestions. When an idea has been suggested and is not your own, it can put a limit on ideas you may have considered. Try instead this step-by-step process that will help you better your moving companies brainstorming.

Poison: 3 ways Negative Employees can destroy your company

In every company there are groups of employees that work together frequently toward a common goal. However, when there is one, or several, negative people/person, it can effect the whole groups ability to complete the job. Whether the person is complaining about other people, or gossiping about rumors, it can be effective and counter productive. Though it may be obvious to some, here are 3 ways that a negative person can affect a group.

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