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Need to find a moving company? Good Luck

Moving companies this year have had a decrease in the available number of drivers and movers in the state of Ohio due to the economy slightly improving, making it difficult to find a moving company to move your belongings with out a months or more notice. But, not only are customers waiting longer to get their move scheduled but they are also paying an estimated 10% more for the service.

Surviving the Summer

The summer is coming, you can feel it. The temperature is sky rocketing, the grass is greener and the jobs are crazier. Many movers overlook how important it is to stock up and prepare for the work. There are cases every year of heat stroke, dehydration, and sometimes even death due to the heat.

Avoid Theft from your Movers

Let’s face it; there is no way for a professional moving company to completely ensure the safety of your possessions from being lost or stolen. Though there are many different types of coverage’s and insurances in place on your move, it can still be scary to trust even the professionals with your belongings. Moving companies hire all different types of individuals and although they do their best to hire trustworthy individuals, sometimes untrustworthy people slip through the cracks.

How to Pack ‘Tiers’ inside of a box

How to Pack ‘Tiers’ inside of a box Although boxes technically have no tiers, it is good to think of it in this manner. Basically all of the same rules apply to packing a box as rules apply to loading a truck. The base of the box would consist of the heavier and sturdy items, […]

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