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AMSA Annual Conference Hailed A Success

AMSA Annual Conference Hailed A Success

Over 600 people attended AMSA’s annual conference, held in Orlando this year, representing parts of the moving industry from across America. Each year there are speakers who address the AMSA members, including companies that want to show off their products and services. However, the most important aspect for the members is the award ceremonies.

Movers Association News

Movers Association News

Many members attended the meeting in February in New Orleans; this meeting was a great success. At this meeting, the topics that caused the most attention centred on the impact the moving industry was having towards education and the continuing development of the current membership for the association. To add to this success the meeting in California between April 29th and the May 4th is going to be another event in the moving business that you will not want to miss.

Moving News Around the Country

Moving News Around the Country

We take a look at moving industry news across America. In California, the California Moving and Storage Association held its 95th Annual Convention in which military affairs were discussed and member of van lines spoke about their benefits. In Minnesota, the legislature passed a new bill that implements a tax on storage and warehousing of personal property.

driver paperwork

Truck Drivers Catch a Break on Paperwork Part 1

Soon drivers will not need to complete paperwork that many in the trucking and moving industry consider laborious and unnecessary. As part of an initiative to reduce paperwork for businesses, the new ruling cleared by the Office of Management and Budget (OBM) will eliminate paperwork for trucks with no defects and deficiencies.

Elf Boxes – The future of moving boxes

What started as a commercial product in warehouses, then found it’s way into the commercial moving market, is now offering residential consumers an easier, greener alternative to cardboard moving boxes. Whether they’re called boxes, bins or totes, the stack-able nest-able and hinged industrial plastic boxes have been a common site in warehouses for decades. Because they can be used up to 400 times, these warehouse favorites became a go-to choice for commercial movers. They require no assembly or tape, saving their customers time and aggravation. Although the price to purchase these boxes is high, they can be used so many times so the cost per use is much less than cardboard and allowed smart movers to underbid their competitors prices on very large office moves.

The Benefits of Move for Hunger

Move for Hunger started small back in 2009. The organization was originally worried about getting members due to limited time and resources. However, participating movers say that the benefits are undeniable. Now, there are over 350 AMSA moving companies in 42 different states working together to deliver food to food banks. Over 519,000 meals have been provided to food banks nationwide thanks to the extreme growth of Move for Hunger.

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