Making your Moving Companies Brand Memorable

Making your Moving Companies Brand Memorable

So, you just started a moving company, and somehow you need to make your brand memorable, even from day one. But where do you go in order to do this? For starters, don’t think your brand needs to be complex or difficult. Quite the contrary. Some of you many even think that with how much needs to be done to start up your moving company, that the brand shouldn’t be messed with in such early stages. The earlier you develop the brand, the better, because your brand is what will make you memorable and from the get go, you will need to be as memorable as possible.

Try these 5 steps to make your brand memorable –

1. Find an awesome name! – Keep in mind that what you pick, will stick. This is the most difficult part of branding your moving company, especially if the direction of your moving company changes a few years down the road (IE you add storage, become an affiliate, etc…) This all means that you need to pick a name that you can grow with. Make it interesting, but not too specific. The specifics should be in your tagline.

2. Create a tagline with benefits – Tag lines are flexible, in fact this is where you will have the most room for creativity in your whole brand. Here is why –

a. It’s only between 7 – 10 words
b. You can change it in the future if it doesn’t work for you, or you want something more effective
c. If it’s good, It is an essential Marketing tool.

3. Chose two colors and use them for everything -Obviously these colors must be complimentary, otherwise it can be hurtful on the eyes and turn heads away. When people view your moving website or any other marketing tool, they will remember the color of your company. Colors are the impression you leave on people. Too many colors, too much information to process.

4. Find a visually appealing font – Once you find this, use it everywhere! Your font speaks volumes about your company. Ask yourself, do you want it to be formal, artsy, child like, high tech, casual or old world? To get the answer to these questions, try to consider which personality your business is, if you find yourself looking as clean and professional as possible, then maybe formal is good for you. If you are a moving company like Two Men and a Truck, then childlike is good for you. Take these all into consideration.

5. What is your brand promise? – In order to speak about your moving company with the much needed confidence, think through what you are going to say. Using a piece of paper and a writing utensil, answer the following questions.

What is the name of your company?
What does your business offer?
What makes it unique?
How can customers benefit from what you offer?

Once you have figured out what your brand promise is, use it everywhere, including any type of marketing, your website, proposals and networking (even in person).

To make your brand effective, you need to use these 5 branding methods consistently. This way you can make sure that your brand will be heard and seen, loud and clear.