How to deal with damage claims – On site

How to deal with damage claims – On site

It’s inevitable, at some point in time, damages will happen on a job. You need to have a standard, clear and consistent way to handle your damage claims, whether they are real, or imagined. The following are tips on how to deal with every negative element that a damage claim can put fourth.

Interacting with the customer – This can be a hard step, especially if the customer is yelling at you. If they are upset, do your best to remain calm, nothing will ever get solved if you have a shouting match.

The customer is usually upset because they feel they have been wronged. Keep in mind that a move is ranked as one of the most stressful times in peoples lives, and that you as the mover or as the boss, are the ones that are in charge of what they own, which is typically looked at as their life. Do your very best to act diplomatic and sympathetic when dealing with this delicate situation.

L.A.S.T stands for – Listen, Apologize, Solve, and Thank. This will go a long, long way when dealing with damages. Always listen, but never interrupt. This can make the customer feel like you aren’t hearing them out, and can make them way angrier. Apologize, but don’t admit fault. Only admit fault if you have actually damaged the item, otherwise, apologize about the damage, but don’t admit fault. Solving the problem at the time of damage is typically easy, have the customer fill out a damage form and assure them that the problem will be handled and that they will receive a phone call. Thank the customer for bringing the damage to your attention and that you hope that they will use your moving company again.

Following these steps is essential when handling your companies’ damage claims, as they can save you from the pit falls that so many moving companies end up falling in to.