Poison: 3 ways Negative Employees can destroy your company

Poison: 3 ways Negative Employees can destroy your company

In every company there are groups of employees that work together frequently toward a common goal. However, when there is one, or several, negative people/person, it can effect the whole groups ability to complete the job. Whether the person is complaining about other people, or gossiping about rumors, it can be effective and counter productive. Though it may be obvious to some, here are 3 ways that a negative person can affect a group.

1. Morale and Productivity

One of the dangers of negative speech is that it can reduce employee productivity and morale. Keep in mind that the quantity and quality of work that the employees produce will either make or break your business. Employees who are affected by the negative impact may become dissatisfied with their job, and lack motivation and drive to get the job done. Gossip and other slander may lead to resentment towards another person, which is the exact opposite of what you need to remain productive.

2. Employee Loyalty

When you have negative employees effecting professional relationships, you will also have diminishing employee loyalty. If your workers are surrounded by negativity, it can become infectious. Whether they believe the negative things that other people say, they become a part of it, and subconsciously become angry about it also. If your employees are unhappy, there is more of a chance that they will quit to pursue other, less negative, environments. If you are a small moving company, with a handful of rock solid employees, you can’t afford this.

3. Disagreements

Verbal negativity can lead to arguments and/or disagreements. Arguments can lead to long term resentment and bad communication. Disagreements or arguments with managers can lead to long term resentment and a lack of respect. If your workers don’t trust you as a manager and won’t follow the tasks set out for them, it may be difficult to run your business properly. This issue takes a lot of time and energy to solve.

If these situations arise in your company, then take proactive steps toward the attitude before it infects other employees. Some ideas are hosting luncheons, sponsoring activities or games, a reward program, etc… Negativity is not the only thing that is contagious, as you express a positive attitude through out the office, give encouragement and give good feedback, this can reduce any need or inclination for negative behavior.