Finding the best location for your moving business

Finding the best location for your moving business

If you have ever sat through an entrepreneur class or seminar then chances are that you have heard the phrase “location, location, location” before. In the moving business, we’re sure that location is secondary in your mind compared to the need for trucks, crews and services. But it is extremely important to put the location of your business as top priority.

First off, you need to check your demographics. Keep in mind that your demographics can be as simple, or as complex as you want to make them. There are highly sophisticated and widely used location analysis tools available. These tools can help analyze traffic pattern information, lifestyle and demographical data, and even competitive analysis. Some great questions to ask yourself here are, what is the optimal amount of traffic for the targeted area? What is the traffic type? What average age and income in the area?

Additional information of the area that you should optimize is the neighborhoods, schools, colleges, etc… Because you will be required to drive out to every job, picking a location with the most accessible highways and roads is best.

Look you competitors in the eye. Statistically, the best place for you to be is right by your competitors. Literally the efforts that are put out from competitors to market their business are what you benefit from.

More than likely, your competitors have already done all of the demographical research for the area. They may have also devoted large portions of money towards advertising their moving company. In no way should the competition in the area deter you from opening up your moving business.

It is important to make your own evaluations of the area despite any of the demographics. Make your own assumption of the area and trusting your gut feeling.