GreenGuard’s New Custom Crates

GreenGuard’s New Custom Crates

Packing and unpacking large valuable items can be a real nightmare for the average mover. Thankfully, Mover’s Specialty Service (MSS) offers a simple solution to this problem with GreenGuards New Custom Crates. The crates have a GreenGuard Certification that ensures that their customizations have met some of the world’s standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds.

Going “Green” in today’s society has become almost an norm for companies, and they are as efficient with the product they are buying and using. By going Green, this will make their custom crates reusable, recyclable, and also very reliable because they are made with renewable, sustainable forestry lumber.

These crates work by being cut to a precise fit for accurate sizing, this way there are no wasted extra materials built into it. These crates are going to be the best choice for those high-value, fragile and heavy items. Safely store anything from glass, marble, paintings, antiques, and even huge chandeliers.

Since these can be large, and possibly oddly shaped items, owners want to make sure that their valuables are going to be as safe as possible. Not to fret though; these crates are custom and fitted precisely for an accurate fit.

Superior strength is something that MSS will boast about with their custom crates. They ensure that their crates are up to the job for moving valuable items. Not only are they going to be strong, but they also will have a lightweight design that is also space conscious. This way movers are not struggling to get around the giant crates and are also easy to load onto moving trucks.

Now all of this talk about having custom crates made to fit valuable, fragile, and large items can certainly sound expensive. The thing is however these crates are actually cost competitive. That way there is no need to worry about selling those valuables or leaving behind large items because they are too difficult to move.

MSS also offers their expert crafting technicians to reduce the anxiety for the move. They will be able to build the crates for you as well as fitting the crates for your need to move items. It is by far the best choice for the high-value and heavy items to make sure that everything stays safe.