Gentle Giant runs away with the win

Gentle Giant runs away with the win

Boston’s Gentle Giant served as the official mover in the Boston Marathon on April 16 for the 16th consecutive year.  Working for more than 350 hours starting weeks before the event, they provided transportation and storage of supplies, food, beverages, and athletic equipment.

Gentle Giant’s hard work included a delivery of more than 14 truckloads of marathon goods and athletic equipment to the finish line. As runners crossed the finish line, they were met with over 100,000 pounds of food and water compliments of the Gentle Giant.

Not only did they provide service for the runners at the finish line, but the company helped setup for the marathon beginning long before the sunrise on April 16th and aided marathon volunteers in the consolidation and removal after the coast was clear.

The wheelchair racers gave many thanks to the Gentle Giant’s transportation of their elite racing wheelchairs to the starting line before their 26.2 mile journey.

Along with providing services for the marathon, many of the company’s employees raced alongside other runners wearing their Gentle Giant running uniforms.

The tradition of being involved with the Boston Marathon for 16 years in a row gives pride to Gentle Giant founder and president Larry O’Toole. The competitive athletes that make up the company’s staff love to be a part of every aspect of the Boston Marathon, going not just an extra mile for the race, but an extra 26.2 miles.