How Much Software does your Moving Business Need?

How Much Software does your Business Need

MovePoint Software has always had the best reputation when it comes to making big moving companies even bigger. But on July 4th 2012, MovePoint Software tried something new. We had our first ever Independence Day promotion, and a new, faint voice was heard under the large corporations.  Smaller and younger moving companies gave outstanding feedback and suggestions as to how MovePoint can help them, too.

The typical MovePoint client is already a 2 million dollar annual gross sales company. As such we designed our packages around their needs, and budgets. For those companies just starting we were offering too much software at a price that would significantly impact a startup’s cash flow. So MovePoint did some reflecting and retraced the steps many of our clients and even our founders went through in business growth and realigned our offerings to allow smaller companies to utilize MovePoint Software in their business at an earlier then before.

Starting September 1st 2012, MovePoint introduced new software package solutions that are designed around the three key growth stages of a moving business, which are simply defined as “start, run, and grow” . The new software packages are designed to provide just enough functionality for each of these phases at the right price and grow with your company from a startup to a multi-million dollar company.

MovePoint Software’s goal has always been to help leverage our moving industry knowledge and experience to help moving companies reach success. Now we have set our sights on helping the smaller companies with the same passion and drive that we have helped many large corporations with.

MovePoint is offering three business solutions focused on each step of the moving business lifecycle.

Startup companies’ needs are simple: customer management, estimating, resource and job scheduling, and generating bill of ladings and estimates.  MovePoint’s new Kickstart edition has each one of those features and more, giving your new company exactly what it needs with a low cost of $147 a month.  This entry level solution’s price means you would only need 3 hours of moving labor a month to afford for the software, the efficiency you will see from the software and guidance MovePoint software provides you business more then pays for it.

As your company grows, you will have to manage more customers, employees, and responsibilities.  The necessary tasks beyond simple quoting and scheduling will cause your company to slow down significantly. Rapid growth from a startup to a medium sized business will stress your existing resources. Our Small Business package helps you run key areas of your expanding business, including managing Payroll, Accounting, and Advanced Business Metrics.  This package is priced at $347 a month, which is equivalent to 5 hours of moving labor each month. This package gives your company the tools you need to run your business more efficiently from single software. With MovePoint’s infrastructure you can avoid hiring expensive IT professionals to keep your data safe and facilitate this growth, simply log on from any browser.

The final step is about keeping the growth going after your rapid growth phase has gone by. When your company is ready for Corporate, you will want to find more revenue opportunities, ways to service more customers, and kick your marketing into high gear. Adding storage to your company can generate a load of new revenue, and MovePoint’s storage module will keep track of your storage warehouse. Our lead marketer will generate automated emails to get new customers and keep old ones happy. The Corporate software is focused on improving the connection of your company to your market by using claims management; email marketing, online web quoting tools, and internet lead marketing.

MovePoint is happy to announce that we have retooled our software offerings to meet the needs of moving businesses of all sizes. With the MovePoint experience we use our 30 years of moving experience knowledge to help your business reach success. We provide the best, easiest, and most efficient moving software and friendly customer service available in the industry. Few moving software companies can say they have run a moving business or know what it takes to be successful. Even fewer can say we they use that knowledge to help your business be successful. MovePoint Can.

Scott Bonner – Senior Business Analyst for MovePoint  Moving Software