SEO: Moving Company Keywords

SEO: Moving Company Keywords

If you have explored SEO in any way shape or form, you know that rich Keywords, Content, and Backlinks are the key to any effective strategy. So what are some of the effective Moving Company Keywords to use in your SEO strategy?

  1. Long Tail – Everyone wants their company to show up as number 1 for searches like “Moving Company”, but the likely-hood is minimal. You will have to fight your way through every other moving company to get to the front of that search. Instead, try targeting longer keywords like “Best Residential Moving Company” the longer searches are less sought after then the shorter. For example, let’s say you can get 300 people a month on your site from “Moving Company” and “Best Residential Moving Company” will bring 50 people, but the competition for the longer key words is a lot less. You can still generate the 300 people a month by optimizing for a lot of less traffic keywords. Also the more of these keywords you rank for, the better your chances are to reach number 1 for the keyword “Moving Company”.
  2. Regional – Moving companies are a regional business. For Example you can’t sell your moving services to someone in California if your company is based solely in New York. So, Google will treat the businesses differently than; say a place you can go to buy boxes or products that can be shipped. One of the best strategies you can use is to optimize for key areas you service. For instance if you are in Texas you may go after something like “Dallas home movers” or “Austin residential moving company” Focusing on a region will give you a better chance of a higher ranking and being seen. Many customers searching Google will typically include a city in their search, work this to your advantage.
  3. Zip codes – Believe it or not key zip codes can be a good source of traffic such as “90210 moving company” many customers will enter in their zip code along with the type of business they are looking for. Optimizing your page to include key zip codes can be very valuable.
  4. Complementary Services and Outside the box – the person who can think outside the box when it comes to keywords will find more opportunities to generate new business. Are their keywords you can us that are complementary to your services? Such as using, de-cluttering your house, related keywords and content to sell your storage services. The more you can think like people who would benefit from your services, the more keywords you can come up with.

With some ideas on keywords that can be effective for SEO the question then becomes, how do you find them and determine which ones are worth pursuing. Let’s play the SEO keyword research game.

First come up with a list of adjectives that customers may use to describe a business here is a sample list…“Best, Trustworthy, honest, great, amazing”Think of a list of phrases related to your business“Moving company, movers, residential, home, storage, warehouse, commercial, furniture, etc..”Think of different things related to the business the customer might search“Reviews, Testimonials,”Think of the region your service and surrounding areas“florida, palm beach, Wellington, palm springs, Fort Lauderdale”.

Now take these different words and mix and match them as a start list of terms to research. Next use software like Market Samurai to help you research keywords and find ones with decent search traffic and low competition. This software will help you determine how much traffic per day a number one spot for your keywords will fetch, as well as create additional ideas for you, and monitor your rank as you climb to the top.

So, when asked what Moving Company Keywords should your SEO strategies include… the answer is “it depends”. For each market and each company, the answer is different. Use the approaches I mention above to find what’s right for your moving business.


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Scott Bonner — Senior Developer @ MovePoint Software LLC — Scott has had a long career in information technology and provides valuable  insights for MovePoint Clients about leveraging technology in your business. You can contact him by calling 1-866-738-3187