Why you should use floor runners for moving

Why you should use floor runners for moving

This may seem like a no-brainer to some, but there are a lot of moving companies that don’t even know what a floor runner is. Its function is simple but necessary for keeping hard wood floors from being scratched, but most important of all keeping your movers safe. If you are a business owner or mover and are not convinced that floor runners are the most efficient, safe and effective way to move, keep reading.

Many companies and movers try to save a few pennies by simply using pads on the hardwood floors instead of investing in floor runners. There are several problems that this can create; one of the worst is safety. A moving pad is basically a padded blanket. Children use their blankets to slide across the hardwood all the time, just for fun or to race a friend or a sibling. What do you think will happen if a mover steps directly in the middle of the pad while moving a heavy piece? Let me remind you of Murphy’s Law.

If you are an owner that isn’t so much worried about the safety of your men, then think about it from a financial standpoint. Movers’ shoes track in all kind of dirt and grime, when they step on the pads they dirty them up. If you run out of pads towards the end of a big job, and need the 6 extra pads on the floors of the house, chances are you wont be able to use them because they are too filthy. This might sound ridiculous, but movers know all too well about these issues.

Floor runners are cheap too, the following is a list of a few websites that sell floor runners, so now, you have no excuse!

  1. http://www.americanfloormats.com/floor-runners-roll-goods/
  2. http://www.cds-usa.com/Products/CDS-Moving-Equipment/Van-Equipment?ItemID=383
  3. http://www.dollies-boxes.com/component/djcatalog2/items/6-floor-protection
  4. http://www.hellotrade.com/suppliers?ss=floor+runners