Why using an accountant for your start up is important

Why using an accountant for your start up is important

No moving company should ever start without an accountant. The convenience and ease that is brought to the table cannot be overlooked. Here’s why –

During Start-up an accountant could –

  • Help determine the best type of structure for your business
  • Assist with the financial analysis
  • Provide advice and training on the best accounting software for your business
  • Help with setting up bank accounts and a system for keeping business funds separate from your personal funds
  • Help with accounting procedures that comply with regulations

During Regular Business Operations an accountant could –

  • Perform payroll duties
  • Help determine estimated tax payments throughout the year so that there are no surprises
  • Complete and submit taxes
  • Help create, monitor, and explain your financial reports
  • Complete your year-end processes
  • Make sure that W-2s are sent out at that right time and to the right people
  • Help determine areas for growth
  • Help prepare for an audit if necessary
  • Help you to monitor and balance cash flow through the business
  • Help you evaluate the business should you ever decide to sell it

Keeping your finances on track for determining taxes, working successfully with investors, and for making informed decisions is very important to the long-term health and success of your business. If you lack either the time or training to do an effective job, you should definitely consider partnering with a professional accounting firm.