Get rid of the skeletons in your closet

Get rid of the skeletons in your closet

Every moving company has skeletons in its closet. Think of one of the biggest mistakes that has been made, one that left both you and your employees feeling wary or damaged.

Nobody is perfect, but if there is that one skeleton that still makes you shudder, the following 3 steps can help you put them to rest.

1. Revisit the What and the Why – What happened? Why did it happen? If you need you or your employees to do a specific project, but the past mistake is preventing you or them from doing so, than revisit the mistake. This will give you a pro-active approach that will help you problem solve.

Name the reason for the mistake; this will help you lessen the fear. You may be surprised with how much better you will feel after it is out in the light. Once you and your employees see the past problem as discrete and understandable, they will feel more comfortable with trying a new approach.

2. Approach the problem from a different angle – When we have the fear that we will repeat a past problem and acknowledge the negative effect, it is more likely that we will choose options that make us feel safe over the tempting ‘risky and innovative choices’. If you want you or your employees to feel comfortable trying a similar project again, you need to show them that different outcomes are possible.

In order to do this, find solutions for each individual problem you encountered. Take time to think up a different approach and take the new approach when you try again. Specific changes that address the previous issues from the first attempt will help ensure that you don’t repeat that same mistake, show yourself or your employees that a major mistake can be turned into success when you take a well thought out and educated approach.

3. Pass the knowledge on – If new employees suggest ideas that remind you of past mistakes, share what you learned with them. Don’t simply shutdown the idea when you hear it, explain why it didn’t work in the past. Don’t forget, a new person may be able offer a fresh innovative solution for the problem that came up the first time. Don’t underestimate what fresh ideas can do for you or your company.