How to cold call moving leads

How to cold call moving leads

You can sit around all day and call 100 different people and sometimes only come up with about 3 moving leads, or sometimes you can get none at all. What a frustrating process. By making a few small changes to your cold calling process, such as researching and weeding through prospects before calling, then the promise of a moving lead will be more likely. Quality over quantity.

Cold calling doesn’t need to be a source of stress and anxiety for small companies. A few tips from the experts can make your moving company have better cold calling success.

1. Plan Ahead: Who will you be calling and when? These questions should be answered a day before so the day of your calls is well planned out and becomes routine.

2. Investigate: Doing some research on the person you are calling will make it a lot easier to talk to them. You will come across as more confident and more powerful when you have more information on that person.

3. Seek out a personal connection: Especially in the moving business, it is imperative to try to find a personal connection with your potential leads. Whether you found some connection during your research or you have found something during the call, it will make the conversation and relationship much easier and, ultimately, the potential for a moving lead is greater when there is a personal connection. Furthermore, if you were referred to that person from a previous customer, make sure to mention their name so they make that connection as well. Familiarity makes business more successful.

4. Get information before giving any: You should ask a lot of questions in the beginning of your call instead of trying to sell your moving company right off the bat. You should learn about your potential customer first, so then you can more effectively tailor your pitch towards their needs. People only really care about what you can do for them.

5. Keep careful records: Keep detailed records of who you’ve called and the results of those calls. Measuring your progress will keep you organized and give you a sense of accomplishment.

While cold calling is always a difficult task, following these simple strategies can help your company get more moving leads with less wasted time.