Why your company isn’t making any moves online

Why your company isn’t making any moves online

There is nothing more frustrating than the fact that your company has set up this wonderful website to highlight the most important aspects of your moving business, but you aren’t getting any customers. Your company could be suffering from a conversion rate problem, meaning that the number of online visitors your website has aren’t turning into paying customers at a good rate. Now, it is important to keep in mind that moving websites typically average about a one to five percent conversion rate, so out of 100 visitors, you will only actually get between one and five moves.  However, there could be an underlying problem for a lower conversion rate. The following possible scenarios can help diagnose and improve your moving website.

1.  No traffic and no conversions – In order to determine the amount of traffic your moving company’s site is receiving, check Google Analytics.  If your website traffic is low and you aren’t seeing the average 1-5% conversion rate, you need to try to draw more visitors to your moving company through any promotional technique of your choosing.  Whether you use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), or social media marketing, you should start to see more visitors wanting to move with you!

2.  High bounce rate and low conversions – A bounce rate refers to the number of people who come to see your moving company’s website and leave before visiting any other page, which can also be determined through Google Analytics.  A high bounce rate indicates that visitor’s aren’t finding what they want from your website right away.  There are some possible explanations that are easily fixable.  You could have a dated website design, which, in turn, will lower the image of your company as a whole.  Furthermore, the information that your visitors should know immediately could be buried in the content of the webs pages, or the great features of your moving company aren’t immediately apparent to the visitor.  A few quick and simple changes can lower your bounce rate and get your website moving!

3.  High engagement and low conversions – A final problem your website could potentially have is to have a lot of visitors but no one actually wanting a move from your company.  This could be happening because either visitors can’t figure out how to take action or visitor’s don’t know why they should use your company.  The best way to figure out why this is happening is to split test different variations of pages to try to identify elements that could be inhibiting conversion rates.

It is most important to understand that these aren’t the only factors that could be influencing your website’s conversion rate. It is hard to understand exactly what your customers want and how to give it to them. However, using the above tools and testing procedures can help you maximize the success of your moving company online!