Become Popular Online

Become Popular Online

Making a compelling web presence while still getting all of your company’s information out there is tough.  There are so many things to balance that your online marketing could go in the complete wrong direction.  Your goal is to get your potential customers to want to use your moving business instead of someone else’s. The most important aspects of web presence in order to do this are search engine optimization (SEO), e-mail marketing, social media, online advertising, mobile, and analytics.  In just a few steps, your online presence can be extraordinary.

First, you need to plan ahead so you can approach your project with purpose.  Instead of exhausting everything about your moving company, choose eight to ten of the most important topics that will be both intriguing and informative.

In order to manage your content, try using a system like WordPress.  WordPress pages are SEO-friendly and have many plugins to increase your website’s SEO such as WordPress SEO, which reminds you to insert specific images and descriptions to maximize your online presence.

Another important thing to consider is your customers.  You should tailor your online marketing to what your customers want, so it is imperative to listen to your customers, blogs, journalists, competitors, and general moving business information to see exactly what they want. Some easy ways to find this information are on Twitter, or by using Google Alerts for journalists who write about the moving industry, along with other strategies to get informed in order to craft your marketing for your audience.

E-mail is one of the most effective ways to reach a huge amount of potential and current customers.  You can be corresponding about a potential move or just be informing people who are interested in your moving company about the business they could receive.  Never the less, e-mail could either make or break a deal.  Therefore, it is important to make your email marketing as valuable as possible.

A few strategies to use to make your emails better is to use an E-mail Service Provider (ESP), which allows you to be creative with the presentation of the e-mail along with creating automatic responses and tracking.  Furthermore, be consistent! E-mail marketing is most effective if you send something out consistently to remind your customer/potential customer of your company.  That way, they won’t ever stop considering you for their move!

Soon, your online presence will be the talk of the internet and moves will be flying your way!