Are you being too nice?

Are you being too nice?

Inevitably, when you own a business, your family and friends expect to get special treatment.  For you as a moving business owner, your friends may ask for a free move across town.  However, in today’s economy, such a service is impossible to offer.  It is important to set limits to protect your bottom line while keeping your loved ones happy at the same time, especially because they are a major support system for your moving company.  If you set limits, your support system will understand that this is your business, not just a service for them to take advantage of.  Still, though, you want to be just generous enough to make them feel appreciated and special so they keep giving you all of their support without impacting your business.

The following tips will help you set reasonable limits for your family and friends.

Set boundaries day one. Before you even open your moving company, figure out what services and perks you can offer to your loved ones.  Maybe you can give them free moving supplies or a discount if they refer a friend.  By explaining this in the beginning, you avoid any future confusion before they ask.  If your moving business is already up and running, you can still set limits by explaining that you simply cannot afford to offer them the free services you have in the past but you really appreciate their business. This will make them feel important and de-personalize the issue.

Decide what you can offer. While you are setting your limits, decide what services you can offer to loved ones and what you can’t.  If anyone gets upset that you aren’t offering them enough, like a free move, simply explain to them why you can’t offer them more.  Your business is just that, a business.  As a business owner, you are obligated to support your employees and their families as well.  That way, your loved ones will understand that it is not personal but simply a business matter.

Bite the bullet.  When a relative or good friend is taking advantage of your company, confront them with the issue as soon as possible.  You need to kill the flame before it gets too large to handle by explaining how you feel and how their actions are negatively affecting your business.  If they are still upset, reinforce the offers that you are willing to give.  No one can take advantage if you don’t let them, but make sure you keep it business-like and not personal so they still support your moving company in the long run.

By strategically planning what to offer your friends and family and how to handle an issue, you will keep both your support system and protect your bottom line.