Rogue Problem Introduced to Senate

Rogue Problem Introduced to Senate

The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee has become informed of the major problem of internet-based moving brokers that do nothing but scam consumers.  The Committee is very concerned about the unethical brokers and also created a report listing the possible criminal brokers.

A year-long investigation found that consumers are confused by moving brokers’ methods for finding customers, providing estimates, and planning moves. Because they are not actual businesses, they have no plan of how to make a deal.  They use their criminal tactics to get customers to buy into their “company.”  The unethical brokers often ask customers to lay down a “deposit” that are simply just fees and have no meaning attached.  Furthermore, their “estimates” have no price certainty given that the company has no regulations or laws.

A specific victim states that a moving broker called “World Wide Van Lines” gave her a price of $898 for a move from Chicago to New York City, whereas a different company called Able Moving and priced her move at $2,000.  She would’ve obviously taken the cheaper move, but neither company had any affiliation with AMSA; they are simply “rogue groups posing as legitimate household goods movers and brokers” according to AMSA President and CEO Linda Bauer Darr.

Unfortunately, these criminals are not only hurting customers, but they are damaging the reputation of the moving industry as a whole.  In reality, though, the majority of moving companies actually follow the law and are fair to customers when it comes to pricing and service.

AMSA has taken action in order to help protect the public and the moving industry’s reputation.  There are now extreme, obvious distinctions between legitimate moving companies and the criminals who are just trying to scam customers.

However, efforts to end criminal moving brokers must be increased.  That may require the moving industry to help educate consumers or the government to pass tougher laws.  Either way, these rogue companies need to be caught and put out of business in order to help moving consumers and the reputation of the moving industry as a whole.  Consumers deserve good moves!