The Benefits of Move for Hunger

The Benefits of Move for Hunger

Move for Hunger started small back in 2009.  The organization was originally worried about getting members due to limited time and resources. However, participating movers say that the benefits are undeniable. Now, there are over 350 AMSA moving companies in 42 different states working together to deliver food to food banks.  Over 519,000 meals have been provided to food banks nationwide thanks to the extreme growth of Move for Hunger.

So what exactly do these members do?

Well, they change the lives of millions of less-fortunate people by moving customers who are more-fortunate.  At the beginning of a moving deal, Move for Hunger is introduced to the customer.  While sometimes it can be difficult or uncomfortable to ask customers for food, again, the rewards outnumber the costs. On moving day, the customer simply tells the movers what items they want to be packed up and taken to Move for Hunger.  The packer puts those items in specific Move for Hunger boxes and takes them to a nearby food bank.

President of City Moving & Storage Gary Fletcher implemented Move for Hunger back in 2009, where they started off making about one delivery a month to the Lawton Food Bank.  Just like the organization as a whole has grown, City Moving & Storage makes several deliveries a month.  Fletcher said that their goal is to reach 500 pounds a month, which may sound like a lot, but is very reasonable given their progress.

Director of the Lawton Food Bank Jeri Mosiman said that Move for Hunger is “a godsend.”  Given the recent economic crisis, the need for the food bank’s services have risen exponentially while their budget has stayed the same.  With the deliveries from City Moving & Storage, they have been able to feed many more mouths than they thought was possible.

Move for Hunger isn’t an organization that tries to beg for money or for food.  It doesn’t take a lot of extra time.  It is “a godsend.”  Movers should think about joining and encourage employees to participate.  There is no reason to not be involved.  Moving one person can save the life of another.