Quick Tip: Hire College Students for Summer Workers.

College kids are in need of money, many college students stay around campus during their summer vacation and need to earn money to pay for their living expenses and tuition. This is a great opportunity for you to find reliable summer help.

Simply make up a flyer saying something along the lines of “Summer Work Program, make extra money as a mover during the summer” with your contact information.

Make sure to place one near the athletic center at well consider a message like “Get Paid to Workout through the summer.” At the bottom of each sheet put the contact information vertically like little strips, and then cut in between them to make a tear off sheet. Contact the school and verify that it’s okay to post the sheets on their bulletin boards. Most will be okay with it, some will need to be stamped ahead of time with a approval seal or they will get torn down.

Make sure you tear off a few contact strips before you post it to provide “Social Proof” and make it seem as though others already took one. If you have a college campus near your office college kids are great reliable summer help.