How agents can spark new business

How agents can spark new business

So, you own ‘Joe Blow Moving Company’, you provide the best moving services in the city, but it’s difficult for you to make ends meet. If your better, and you know it, why is this happening? Although there may be many different factors that come into play when trying to make ends meet, one of the issues is that your company is just simply not as established as your competition.

One sure-fire direction that you can go that is sure to establish and make you more marketable is to become an agent of a Van Line Company, like Stevens,  Allied,  National Van Lines or Mayflower.

Think about this from an unbiased perspective (if you have thought about being an agent in a negative way), if you were to price out moving companies and were satisfied with what you see from ‘Joe Blow Moving Company’, but are still iffy because you’ve never heard of them, more than likely you will simply move on. But what if all the sudden you read ‘ Joe Blow Moving Company, agent of Nation Vanlines’ and you say “Hey I’ve heard of that company, and I like your prices, I think I found my movers!”

Though there are many factors that play into becoming an agent of a moving company, new revenues can most certainly be introduced from it. There is a downside, as there is with any business decision – there are a lot of regulations that you will have to follow. A Van Lines Company isn’t just going to slap their name onto your company, you have to earn it, to do this, you need to follow regulations and guidelines. However, when you are looking at bankruptcy, foreclosure on your lot, your trucks being towed away or not being able to make payroll, regulations and guidelines may be exactly what you need. Give it a try.

Levi Crotinger from MovePoint