Square Makes Credit Card Processing Simple

For those looking for a quick and easy way to accept credit cards check out Square. It’s a revolutionary new credit card swipe device that connects to your iPhone, iPad, or Android. Allowing you to process credit cards in the field. At the time of this post they charge a minimal 2.7% per transaction and the device is free on their web site. The money that is collected is sent via ACH into your account the next day. Rumor has it they are planning to sell the device at Best Buy for about $10-20. Their goal is to provide a way for individuals to accept credit card for things such as Craigslist items, or side businesses. This device is great for a startup company no need for merchant terminals as you can put all your sales in to Square over the phone or take it out into the field and have the customer sign for it.

Some moving owners have some reservations about enabling the mover to swipe a credit cards without needing to contact the main office. However it definitely warrants a look to determine if it is right for your business. Go get your free Square Now and give it a go.