UniGroup: Serving for 65 Years and Counting…

Most people at age 65, or even as early as 60, think about retiring and just relax and unwind, rewarding themselves for all the hard work they have done. Most of them would reward themselves by going on a vacation, buy a new car or something they like, or simply having fun with their children and grandchildren.

UniGroup, however, has different plans for their 65th year of servicing clients from all around the world. Instead of retiring their services, they plan to improve and better their services in order to meet the needs of their ever-growing number of clients all around the world. And now, as they face their 66th year in 2013, they look back in the past as they head full speed into the future.

Once known as United Van Lines in its founding years, UniGroup has provided valuable and efficient service in the moving industry. In 1995, UniGroup has bought Mayflower and further expanded their horizons. In 2001, it has started servicing other clients from all around the world, including Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, and other countries. Currently, UniGroup has over 700 agent locations and 1,000 employees worldwide, continuing to service different clients from all around the world.

“Satisfying the customers of their company is our main goal”, says UniGroup President Rich McLure. “Moving is a stressful time in people’s lives, and we want to alleviate that stress with our full range of services and simple pricing”, he continues.

As they celebrate their 65th year in the moving industry, UniGroup assures clients and customers from all around the world that they will get the best possible services from them. As long as there are customers satisfied with their services, they won’t retire on this industry and continue to provide fast, quick, and efficient services to those who are in need.