Three Major Van Lines Release Their Migration Statistics

vanlinesIn January, three leading van lines reported their annual stats with regard to domestic migration. The three van lines are United, Atlas and Allied, and all of them have shown North Carolina to be the top inbound state, while New York and Illinois are the foremost outbound states. Overall, there is significant variation on the lists provided by the three van lines.

United reported that the Northeast is the leading area in the U.S. on outbound migration. The van line noted Washington, D.C. as the leading state with inbound migration, followed closely by Oregon, North Carolina and Nevada.

In its Annual Magnet States Report, Allied Van Lines reported Texas as the leading magnet state again for the 8th consecutive year. Texas was far ahead of the second state on the “magnet state” list, Florida. Texas gained over 660 relocation moves in 2012.

Atlas also came out with its migration pattern survey for 2012. In its report, Mid-Atlantic coastal and Southwestern states were noted as the most popular destinations. However, the van line pointed out that the Midwest showed a balance between inbound and outbound movement.

California is the top state with almost 13,000 moves during the year. Washington, D.C. against ranked as the state with the highest number of inbound moves, which is the 7th year in a series. When it comes to outbound moves, Nebraska is followed by New York, moving out Ohio to the third spot after being the top outbound-moves state last year.